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Even now after many days of learning I am not sure technically how to progress with my Spanish studying? Should I finish 1-2-3 and then move to the next field? to every field I am learning or should I finish grade 1 first to ALL the fields and only than start with "2" with all the Fields? Thank you for answering


5 months ago

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There are different strategies. I think it depends upon your goals and upon your current ability.

In Spanish and French, I get them all to 1, then all to 2, then all to 3, etc. Actually, mine started out all at 2 when it changed over to "crowns" so the first thing I did was to work down to get all 3.

But for those languages I tested out of a bunch of stuff and got the owl within a couple weeks of creating this account. With Portuguese, I had no prior knowledge so I think that my previous strategy might not be working as well. Initially I was going down and getting them all to level 1, but I think I might need to hammer on basics and get it up to level 3 or 4 before going on to the next lesson in Portuguese. So that would be 1/2/3 on Basics, then 1/2/3 on Mundane, then 1/2/3 on Howdy, then 1/2/3 on weather, shopping, riding the subway, etc.

If I notice that I'm weak in some area, then I should stick to that set for a while (even in Spanish and French). For example, I have trouble remembering some of the moods (subjunctive, compound tenses, etc.) so I go to them more often.

I also use the practice button quite a bit. that one throws something random at you. If you're expecting all the verbs to be conditional or pluperfect or whatever, you get into a groove. But practice might throw a future-tense lesson or reflexive verbs at you.

Also, watch the stories from time to time so you don't get burnt out.

5 months ago

Hi =) I'm not sure myself, but I do it like this: I do 1 for some fields. If I feel overwhelmed and make lots of mistakes in further fields, I go back and do the previous fields again.
Technically it's an old strategy for me because now I use handwritten cards to remember better, so now there is no overwhelming. One can use tinycards (maybe) or anki instead (that's interval based method, it's very good). And finally, I don't think that there is one right way to do it. We all different, we study differently. Good luck =)

5 months ago

If you've ever been to school you know what the experts expect.

The student stays in the first grade(level) and finishes the several classes to advance to the next grade.

The student takes several classes daily rather than spending a few months learning each subject.

By the way you mean "Spanish studying" not "Spanish studding" although I prefer the later.

5 months ago
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