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Why there is "wird" on end?

In sentence "Über Atlantis ist eine Insel , die von einem Luftatmer namens Rexlund beherrscht wird" Why it is not simply "Uber Altantis ist eine Insel, die ist/wird von einem Luftatmer kontrolliert(is controled)/beherrscht(was taken over)"? , should reset word order it is normal present tense form and "wird" should be on 2 logic place

June 29, 2018


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Relative clauses are considered dependent clauses, therefore the conjugated verb comes last.


I saw lot of clauses with , and alweys it have normal order even considered dependent clauses. Can you give link to a website with thise rules?


It is that wonderful verbal word order required in some clauses...It gives Deutsch that uinique cadence.

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