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wacky verb usage/introduction

While I appreciate much of duolingo (really, really). It is extremely frustrating to have new verbs and then new verb usage thrown in willy nilly during lessons let alone during "practice weakest words". "Fare" (to make/to do) in Italian can also be used for "to eat". When did that come up before? The practice weakest words is weak itself and certainly not individualized at all. My weakest words don't come up just the same tired sentences over and over or suddenly new words/usage never seen before.

March 26, 2013

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I agree with the previous post, my Spanish is pretty good, been speaking it for a long time. I am familiar with most of the spoken verb tenses. But, the Italian lessons will drop a past or future tense verb without explanation. Where does one research the various past and future tenses for the Italian verbs?

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