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Duolingo Club Invite

Hello, I created a mobile club with the name High XPers.

The intent of the club is to try and maintain that high XP level of about 500 a week (without testing)

The club is also to try and spread the idea amongst members of keeping a streak.

I am aware right now my streak is not as high as it once was and I don't have any really high levels but I think it would be cool if we created this community to try and keep people motivated. I will do my best to work with this club everyday.

So please join if you feel you are willing to stay devoted to Duolingo, for at least the summer, willing to maintain a streak to your best appilities, and be an active member.

Here is the club id, thank you: P7EWND

June 29, 2018



For a second I thought this was my post because of your profile picture.


I have been level 11 in Norwegian for HOURS now and it still says 10.


Yeah, Im secretly level 20 in German

I also thought this was my comment lol


now that everything update and I change my profile pic this comment looks real weird

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