All of my status bars show they are not full. When I click on them to restore bars, some do not require filling and some do. If I complete the ones that need to be restored, the status bar still shows not full...I have to go through each category if I want to keep up...that is a lot of checking.

June 30, 2018


I do a lot of Tinycards. I spend hours. Once you do all of them in a catagory the bar should show full. But as time goes by the bar does fall and inside that catagory there is as you saw either all the decks need attention or maybe just one or a small amount. Once all the decks in that catagory are satisfied the bar should go back to full again. If there is no bar shown for a catagory then you haven’t even started that deck. As time goes by. Less and less will need to be satisfied. I don’t want to make your day worse but even those catagories that you did yesterday that say the bar is still full might already have decks flipped over and need attention so you have to check each catagory just in case as you go down the list of catagories.

However, when you go to Tinycards and before you even go into where the catagories or subjects are, right before that when you just scrolled down to where it says (for me it says) “Spanish for Duolingo” that bar right there before you enter into the meat of it will never have a full bar. Not until you have mastered (for spanish) its 51 catagories and inside each catagory is the little piles of 5 cards each. Also if it’s been a while since you’ve done a card(s) that deck will undo and again you might not be able to tell because the bar doesn’t always drop down. Personally, i wouldn’t put a lot of stock into the bar raising and lowering as an indicator as to what is going on into with the cards. I have 31 catagories that I am shuffling around and I just start at the top and work my way down checking inside the catagory to see if any decks have changed. It’s kind of a pain but I am so used to it that I think nothing of it. Plus if you are not double checking on the cards that say there’s a full bar then you might be missing out on cards that are due to be done. Good luck. I wish it worked like intended but it doesn’t seem to and hasn’t since I have been doing these.

June 30, 2018


I have just published a similar post in 'German'.

I have been using Tiny Cards to support my Duolingo German course.

I got into the daily habit of ensuring all my German Tiny Cards had full 'golden bars' beneath them in each section before going on to learn the next few new words. It used to be easy to check these golden bars to work out which sections needed a quick refresh. After diligently practising, I would then return to the main list and then search for the next section which needed similar attention.

Unhappily, every time I returned to the main list I would be taken right back to the very beginning of the list and I would then have to carefully scroll down in search of the next bar that was not fully golden. This was not a problem in the early days, but became more so as I completed more and more cards. Any accidental touch as I scrolled down meant I would have to return to the very beginning of the list and carefully have to begin scrolling down once again. This became very annoying and time consuming, but I appreciated the work that had gone into creating this valuable resource and could tolerate this, as well as any mistakes I noticed along the way, which I was unable to flag up as there was no means of doing so. (I practise on my mobile.)

Recently, to my great delight there has been a brilliant change. Now after I refresh a section I am no longer taken back to the very beginning of the menu, but instead back to where I was previously on the list. This is great and I am thrilled.

However, following this recent change there now seems to be a problem with the 'golden bars'. None remains fully golden even after practising. I find I am now faced with a menu list that suggests every section needed to be refreshed, which for me means arrgghhhhh!

Now I no longer know which sections are the weakest and I no longer have the satisfaction of seeing all my bars golden before progressing on the main Duolingo page to work on my German.

Has any body else experienced this?

I wondered if this could be re-tweaked.

And once again, I do appreciate all the people who have worked so hard to create such invaluable resources.

In reply to Ginasem, that used to be the case, but is no longer. I have just refreshed the very first cards. I did them yesterday too, and the bar still does not become fully golden.

I think that the grey bar beneath is just too long following the recent tweaks.

July 1, 2018

Are you using the website or mobile? On the website, TinyCards behaves as it always has. But on android, I have the same exact problem with the bars not being full. So I, too, click each one and check to see whether all the decks are still gold (in many skills, they all are). So I strengthen those that aren't, but the bar never budges. On the website, all the ones I've done are completely gold, but on android, the gold fills various amounts of the bar (it's not the same on each skill).

I'm wondering whether this has anything to do with the changes they made for the A/B test of points. I now get 2XP for doing a deck on android.

July 2, 2018

I can't get a new lesson to open It just spinns

January 8, 2019
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