Level 25

Finalement, j'ai atteint l'étape 25 en français!

June 30, 2018


Felicitations! Bon travail!

Félicitations ! Si c'est sans la petite triche des raccourcis-clés , c'est encore plus de mérite ;)

Oui! Cependant, j'utilise cette triche toujours en anglais de français!

en anglais depuis le français

Félicitations ! :-] Bonne chance avec tes études futures !

C'est merveilleux!

Felicitations! Restez ici pour nous aidez

pour nous aider

Félicitation! Je sera là un jour!

Félicitations ! J'y arriverai un jour !

Felicitations! C'est mon objectif.

They go on further than level five because im on level 30

Isn't 30 your crown count? (30/392 as I type.) Your profile lists you at Level 12 · 4026 XP.

The concept of "level" got a little confusing when crowns were introduced. In the past, it meant your XP level. Now one needs to look at the context to see if the OP is talking about the XP level, Crown level, etc.

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. You have 30 Crowns on your French tree. I have 241 Crowns in my French tree. I thought you meant the Levels in each skill. For example, you reached Level 5 in Adjectives 1, Food, Common Phrases, Basics 1 and Basics 2. Keep up the good work, Sweetie1369!

"Keep up the good work, Sweetie1369!"


Formidable, Mon brave!


Do you mean crown level 25?

Good evening, Sweetie1369! The Crown Levels only go to Level 5.

No, my Crown level is 244. I reached 30,000 points. It took me to level 25. So carry on!

Felicitations, bon travail

Félicitations! :)

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