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"Thank you!"


June 30, 2018



Difference between Dekuji and Dekuju?


It is the same, but Děkuji is more formal.


weird...gave me "wrong answer" for diky, though it's basically the same answer...


I can not type accents.


Are you on a mobile device? They may not be easily available. I am using a desktop computer and below the answer box, I see, and can click on, all of the letters that have accents. Supposedly you can type them directly if you are by using your keyboard shortcuts but I haven't been able to get that to work on my computer. I may need to add something to my browser to use the shortcuts like CTRL Shift ^ c to get the ĉ.

A very tedious method is to create a document with all of the accented letters in it. Leave it open and copy and paste from it when you need one. If I use an accented letter a lot, such as the ý, I just keep it in my "paste" buffer.

I hope this helps you!


On a mobile device it is very easy to install a virtual keyboard for any language. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35321961/I-can-t-type-the-accents

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