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  5. "They have shirts."

"They have shirts."

Translation:Eles têm camisas.

March 26, 2013



It was never apparent during the original lesson on posession when to use têm vs tem. According to a native speaker, têm is the plural version. Hence "Eles têm camisas" vs "Ele tem camisas".


Could anyone please tell me whats the difference between TER, TEMAR and FAZER. Please give some examples. Eu tenho..., eu tomo... Eu faço...

  • Ter = have
  • Ter que (de) = have to
  • Tomar= take, drink
  • Fazer = do, make.

  • I have to come back early (tenho que voltar cedo)

  • He has bills to pay (ele tem contas a pagar)
  • I took some pills (tomei algumas pílulas)
  • I drink coffee every morning (tomo/bebo café toda manhã)
  • Do you homework (faça sua tarefa)
  • I can make cakes (sei fazer bolos).


De nada. Brief explanation, but hope that helps...


Does one pronounce the singular 'tem' the same as the plural 'têm'?


Yes, they are the same.

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