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  5. "Mnatoka nyumbani"

"Mnatoka nyumbani"

Translation:You all are coming from home

June 30, 2018



I don't understand why this is "from" home. -ni is a suffix that means to, in, at. What would "You are coming home" look like?


Just to add to what Machieng said - basically, any time you turn something into a location in Swahili, whether with the -ni suffix or a preposition (eg. katika) or prepositional phrase (eg. juu ya), the location can be used as the destination, the static location, or the origin. It's the verb that tells you how it is to be interpreted.

Ninakwenda nyumbani. I'm going home. (Destination.)
Ninalala nyumbani. I sleep at home. (Static location.)
Ninatoka nyumbani. I leave home / go out of home. (Origin.)


'toka' means 'get out of' or 'come from'. 'Nyumbani' translates to home. The suffix '-ni' can also mean 'ndani ya nyumba' i.e. inside a/the house.

'You are coming home' is 'Mnakuja nyumbani'


All of you is better that You all


is "You are from home" acceptable?


Why can't I put "you are coming home"? "You all," is not correct English, unless you're from Georgia.in which case it's colloquial and nothing to do with Swahili.


Where is the word for 'coming' in the sentence? I can only see 'You are all from home.'


Please see my reply above


"toka" in "mnatoka"

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