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A sentence from duo stories: "Sie dürfen den Hund nicht mit in Ihr Zimmer nehmen!"

Is it correct? I don't understand the preposition order "mit in Ihr Zimmer". Shouldn't "mit" go along with "nehmen" to the end of the sentence to form "mitnehmen"?

June 30, 2018



The word order is correct. "mit" is here not a preposition but a part of the verb, which is mitnehmen in infinitive. Another way of saying this in German is "Sie dürfen den Hund nicht in Ihr Zimmer mitnehmen."


If you treat the "mit" as part of the verb "mitnehmen" it is indeed "Sie dürfen den Hund nicht in Ihr Zimmer mitnehmen". But in the given sentence the "mit" is just the German way of saying "together with yourself", which is very frequently used at least in spoken language. And for this the order of the words is as given.


This is a special use of the word "mit" in which it is not followed by a noun (as prepositions are supposed to be). You can imagine that it is "mit Ihnen" with "Ihnen" omitted.


This double preposition confused me indeed.

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