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  5. "peHoHchuqQo'!"


Translation:Don't kill each other!

June 30, 2018



A aahhhh, but I wanna !


How would the meaning change if i used peHoHQo'chuq?


It would no longer be considered a grammatically correct sentence, but I imagine anyone would understand you. The -chuq suffix is generally the first suffix and the only suffix that can occur before it is -Ha' (and maybe -be' and -qu'). The suffix -Qo', likewise, has a fixed position. The only suffixes that can occur after the -Qo' suffix are the Type 9 (Syntatic) suffixes.


I thought -Qo' was a rover, negating whatever verb/suffix came before it. Has the grammar been modified since TKD? Or maybe I'm misinterpreting it.


-Qo' gets classified as a Rover, but does not, in fact, rove. It has a fixed position after all Type 1-8 suffixes and before any Type 9 suffix. To quote from TKD (using the digital version so I can't give a page number):

Unlike -be’, the position of -Qo’ does not change: it occurs last, unless followed by a Type 9 suffix. Nevertheless, it is considered a rover because it is the imperative counterpart to -be’.

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