Translation:Is the question personal?

5 months ago



Why is there a question mark? Isn't it a statement?

5 months ago


It would be a statement without the question mark (The question is personal), but with the question mark it would be a question (Is the question personal?).

5 months ago


This question was given to me in the listen and write what yo hear format. I got it correct but I didn't realize it was a question. Was there something that should have indicated that? Or only voice inflection (which was not provided)

2 months ago


There is a bit of an inflection on "personal", but it's not particularly distinctive...

1 month ago

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The hover-over translation of "personal" (in Spanish) is "staff", not "personal" (in English). Needs to be fixed!

1 month ago


Why are we able to leave off the "es" and still have the sentence be translated as "Is the question personal"? I'm still learning so not sure if "es" is the correct "is" here though, so i guess my question is, why dont we have to put a "is" before the "la"? Would love some advice

4 days ago
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