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Will Duolingo ever release a microphone for the Chinese course?

I'd love to be able to practice my pronunciation in Chinese, and I think a microphone tool would be helpful for that.

What do you think?

June 30, 2018



I think they're dependent on outside suppliers of voice recognition software. Judging from the experience of other languages, the systems tend to be way too lax, and I would have zero confidence whatsoever for them being reliable for Chinese.

Probably far better to use your phone's voice recognition to enter answers in Chinese.


That's actually a really brilliant idea!^


My phone messes up though when I try that, even when I know I got it 100% correct, I asked my girlfriend who is a native speaker to double check on a couple occasions. I would just practice with her but I can't do that all the time and usually I'm helping her with English for her college so we use 90% English when we talk. Any sort of tips to optimize using my phones speech software would be much appreciated. I have an iPhone 7 plus. Or maybe if anyone can recommend some computer software that will work with Windows 10 that would be cool too.


As a slight alternative to piguy3's suggestion, you can try using the Google Translate app on your phone to practice speaking answers/phrases (in other languages, too). This can help you recognize when your tone is slightly off, and gets rendered as another word.

So there are at least two things you can get from this that is distinct from the way the microphone-style tool works (such as you use for French): (1) you can review the characters associated with the words you've spoken, to see whether they match the lesson phrases and (2) you can try speaking problematic words (where the character identified from your speech did not show up for the word you wanted) in other phrases, in hopes of getting the accent right.

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