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  5. "Dann ist es eben aus."

"Dann ist es eben aus."

Translation:Then it's just over.

March 26, 2013



I translated this sentence as "Then it is just out" as the translation hint for "ist aus" was "be out". But one of the correct answer was "Then it is just off". Additionally, I got the message: Be careful not to confuse "off" and "out"! Hmm... could anyone explain what are the correct translations for this sentence and for the phrase "ist aus" (maybe some other examples of use)?


For me, I just learnt that "es ist aus!!" means "it is over!", for example in a relationship...


the same is with me.... you shoud agree that the hints are not correct in ADVERBS!!!


Yep, I guess we just have to accept that the only way to learn this unit is by hit and miss.

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