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Duolingo 4.0 - Streak


I have an iPhone 5s, The new update's pretty cool, i've been enjoying the dueling.

However, if I tap on "courses" It says that i've got a 2 day streak in french.

Now i know my streak is up to 110, as i've still got my streak freeze (i'd have to lose that first) and today i just got 11 lingots for making my 110 days.

And obviously, it's presented on the website as 110 day streak.

Can you advise why this is displaying incorrectly?

April 28, 2014



What you are seeing on the app is either your 'coach' streak or your 'individual language' streak.
Your coach streak is determined by how much you practice each day. So, you may be maintaining your website streak (earning a little as one point will keep this), but not earning enough points to keep the 'coach streak'.
The other possibility is what you are seeing is your 'language streak'. This is not frozen by a streak freeze, so if you used a streak freeze 2 days ago (or didn't practice French, but another language), this streak will reset.
A third possibility is DL is still having some issues reporting the streak with the new update.

I haven't updated mine yet, so I'm not 100% sure how the new streak reporting system works :)


My coach says i'm at 103 days, (my streak is 110) I'm only learning ONE languate, french, so if that bottoms up, i'd lose the streak entirely.

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