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Starting to pick up the Danish

I'm starting to get on a consistent routine to learning Danish. Still very challenging, but I think I can begin to get it down.

July 1, 2018



Excellent! Keep at it, do a bit every day, and it will fall into place. One certainty about languages is that there's always more to learn, which is part of the fun regardless of the pace with which you are comfortable.


I see that you're at Level 25 — congrats! can I ask how long it took you and how well you feel you know Danish? Did you use any other resources than Duolingo? I hope to get there eventually! :)


Good questions. It took me about 15 weeks, putting in about two hours a day, to get to level 25. I finished the tree before that, but even now the lower half still has quite a few level 3s and a few level 2s. I don't feel that I know Danish all that well yet, at least not in terms of conversation. I feel more comfortable with reading than with speaking, possibly because it takes longer for adults to tune their ears to new sounds. But even there I sense incremental improvement every week. I have used Memrise at times, and also try to read Danish newspapers that are available on the internet. I can make my way through some of them, although my vocabulary is still limited. I estimate that it will take me another six months at least to complete the entire tree (350 crowns -- I now have 275). I don't expect to be fluent even then, but I hope to be able to visit Denmark and have a good enough grounding to not feel completely lost. In other words, my goals are not extremely high. I'm doing it mainly for fun and relaxation, as well as for the challenge of learning something new. Good luck with your own adventure! If you stick with it, you should get to level 25 before you know it. And then the real work begins ...


Good work! I am still trying to get to that point.

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