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"Me gusta esta parte de la ciudad."

Translation:I like this part of the city.

2 months ago



Apparently parte can also mean "smash!" you learn something new everyday ._.

2 months ago


What is the difference between 'Yo gusta' and 'Me gusta'?

1 month ago

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That's easy. "Yo gusta" doesn't exist.

'Gustar' is one of a number of dative verbs, meaning that the apparent subject and object of the verb are reversed. When you say "Me gusta X," you're really saying "X pleases me." Which is how Spanish says, "I like X."

For more info and practice, click here.

1 month ago


I've noticed many sentences say, "A mi me gusta .....", which says, "To me, _ is pleasing", right?

Here we just say "Me gusta ....". When should we say "A mi me gusta..." and when should we just say "Me gusta"?

1 week ago