Is there a way to see/sort new replies in a topic?

I can sort topics by popular and also new, which is very helpful to see new topics.

But is there also a way to see or sort new replies that were made inside a topic? I couldn't find one and especially in topics with many replies I find this really problematic. The only way that I see at the moment is scrolling through the entire thread and checking the time stamps of posts to see if there is something new but this is time consuming and I might miss something.

July 1, 2018


I wish they'd implement this! Unfortunately we have no control over the ordering of comments within a discussion. Comments that are up voted bubble to the top and comments that are down voted sink to the bottom.

July 1, 2018

Ah, it's sad to hear there is no way for it, at least at the moment. I hope they can implement something in the future to make it easier to find new replies within a topic. Thank you for the reply :)

July 2, 2018
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