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Do you think German is hard?

Hi! it's my first day doing german and it's too hard. :( Did you think the same way when you started it?

July 1, 2018


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Hi CornCrop,

"Yes, it is too hard" if you put focus on the full language immediately.

"No, it is not hard at all" if you enjoy the journey and discover the language step by step.

I started to learn the language years ago. Slowly. The grammar was complex at first and the words were strange.

Today it seems easy as the grammar is logical and I spent time with the German language minimum 5 Minutes every single day. Now I can use this language even in my work!

Enjoy and keep learning! :)

All the best,



Die, der, das takes a while, as do verbs. But I had motivation, as it's close to English and I'm trying to learn it for history (WWI/WWII) as I'm aiming for a History degree.


On the plus side, many German words are the same or similar to the corresponding English words. And the spelling is MUCH easier than English; if you show me a word in German that I've never seen before, I will be able to pronounce it ( with a dreadful accent) so that it can be understood.
On the minus side, the whole business of der, die, das etc takes a while to get right. But remember, if you say das Hund instead of der Hund, Germans will still know what you mean.
Stick with it! Words cannot express the sheer joy of successfully asking where the toilets are in a foreign language. In fact being able to do that is my definition of being functionally fluent.



"show me a word in German that I've never seen before, I will be able to pronounce it ( with a dreadful accent) so that it can be understood."

Probably 99.9% of words are like this - but there are some exceptions. For example "beinhalten" - it's pronounced with 4 syllables and not 3. Pronounce it correctly and it means "to include", but pronounce it with 3 syllables and it could mean "to hold a leg". :-)


Native here. All I can say it's sometimes hard to explain ;-)


It's hard, but I found it fun to learn... ^^


Well, it was something I really wanted to learn, so tho it was hard at the beginning I'm slowly progressing :-)

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