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Which is correct?

Good Morning All,

Which sentence is correct? When talking to my German neighbor, I can never figure out if my word order is correct. She is too kind to correct me lol.

Ich habe Berlin auch nicht besucht.

Ich habe auch nicht Berlin besucht.

The second sentence sounds better to me?


July 1, 2018



I'm not quite sure in what kind of situation you would say any one of these two sentences. If your neighbour tells you that he didn't visit Berlin and you want to answer that you didn't either, then "Ich habe Berlin auch nicht besucht" is appropriate. Is this what you intend to communicate? The second sentence ("Ich habe auch nicht Berlin besucht") sounds rather weird, but I can think of one particular situation where it indeed makes some sense. If you are telling your neighbour that you have not visited Rome and also not Vienna and as well not Prague and .... (long list following) and he then asks you if you had been at least to Berlin you could answer "Ich habe auch nicht Berlin besucht", with emphasis on the fat printed words, meaning that you didn't even visit Berlin.


Thank you. She asked me if I have ever visited Berlin (she has not been to Berlin) , and I was trying to say that I also have not visited Berlin. So would I use the second sentence in this case?


no, the first one!

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The first sounds better; do you mean to say Ich war auch nicht in Berlin? Where else haven't you been?


This is not the only way to interpret the sentence. It means as well: "(You haven't been to Berlin). Neither have I". Depends on the stress: "Ich war auch nicht in Berlin" = your interpretation, "Ich war auch nicht in Berlin" = the second one.

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