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Best tips for learning German?


Next year I am going on student exchange for 12 months to Germany, and I was just wondering what is the best way to get a start on the language?

July 1, 2018



I'm rather fond of Pimleur language CDs for conversation. If you are learning here on Duolingo, and adding vocabulary from Memrise (all the courses are free and one of the German courses is 5,000 words) that should help you out a lot. I use Pimsleur CDs in my car. They are fairly inexpensive off Amazon or Ebay and are a far better deal and more effective than Rosetta Stone in my opinion. They built on what the previous lesson taught you as well as repeat and reinforce.


I also am fond of Pimsleur CDs, though I sign them out from my local public library.


tho i'm still at a very low level of German, I used(and still using) a notebook writing in the expressions and words that I learned. It was especially helpful since German has a lot of different words for gender, situations, etc. ex) die frau=the woman der mann=the man

and so on. It 's a little tip from a beginner--hope it's helpful! gd luck!


ah! my mistake thx!


Get a book. Duolingo is good for practicing and the audio is ok, but hearing how the words really are spelled is better.

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