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Books in czech

Hello everyone. Can you give me a site where i can read czech books for free?

July 1, 2018



and does anybody know a free czech english dictionary for kindle?


No but I use the BitKnights Czech/English dictionary app and I find it useful.


And what about Czech - English or English-Czech books?


Thank you so much for putting this question. I calculated that the Czech program here on duolingo can be accomplished in 3 months, if you are persistent with it. After that you need another challenge, which is books! :D Congrats on your Czech you're all the way on level 18 already!


I fear Duolingo courses will not get you there. Mainly some very simplified texts for learners, but not regular books for native readers.

I have finished the Russian tree and I struggle reading Russian texts although it is a related language so I can guess many words and the grammar is easy for me. But I can read many news articles and get the gist.

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