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"Klingonese, petaQ! Do you speak it?"

Translation:tlhIngan Hol petaQ! 'oH Dajatlh'a'?

July 1, 2018



I don't have any questions about this one. I just really, really appreciate whoever wrote it.


Why? The -'e' is perfectly good here.

In fact, a more natural way to say every bit of meaning in the English is tlhIngan Hol'e' Dajatlh, petaQ? In the English, the topic (Klingonese) is fronted to make it prominent, and then referred to with a pronoun in the right place at the end. In my Klingon version, the topic is already fronted, so no repetition with a pronoun is needed.

Imagine it pausing like this:

tlhIngan Hol'e'... Dajatlh, petaQ?

So basically, Klingon is more effective at saying this line than the original English. The grammar is already set up to front the topic to give it emphasis.


My own personal favorite way would be to keep the -'e', skip the 'oH, keep the -'a', and keep the petaQ in the middle: tlhIngan Hol'e', petaQ, Dajatlh'a'?

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