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  5. "Bitte sagen Sie es mir."

"Bitte sagen Sie es mir."

Translation:Please tell me.

July 1, 2018



why is 'es ' needed here?


sagen in German requires a direct object if the indirect object (receiver of what is being said; here: mir) is given, and es functions as a placeholder for such content.


And why is "please tell me IT" not accepted? Reported.


I would contend that ‘please tell me it’—disregarding the order of objects, which traditional grammar would rather render as ‘tell it to me’—is a rather odd phrasing for this sentence; it sounds very unidiomatic.


It also didn't accept "Please tell me about it." I thought that phrasing would be more accurate... I guess an algorithm can only be so good. At least we all know what it means. That's the important thing... however annoying to get it wrong :)


‘Tell me about it’ sounds… different, somehow. It sounds like you're asking for information about something, but that's not quite the original meaning of the sentence. The ‘es’ in the sentence is not the topic, it's the very thing you want to be told: the answer, the reason, the name, the information. I don't think I did a very good job of explaining it, but I don't know that I can do better.


How about "Please tell it to me." I didn't try it, but I was thinking that it might be acceptable.


Why isn't "Please tell me it" accepted?


you can understand it like " please say it to me!"

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