"Pineapple of juice"

Translation:Nanasi la juisi

7/1/2018, 3:45:08 PM


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I'm guessing "nanasi la juisi" may mean "juicy pineapple" ? I'm slightly confused by the literal translation as I feel it could also mean pineapple juice, but I s'pose that might be "juisi ya nanasi"?

7/1/2018, 3:45:08 PM

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I think they meant pineapple for juice? That's the only translation I can think of for 'nanasi la juisi' that makes sense

7/1/2018, 7:03:27 PM

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exactly , and it used when you want to tell someone that this pineapple will be used for making pineapple juice.

9/26/2018, 10:25:30 AM


Yes wich are probably all the bad pinapples that are left behind. They've got some humangously ginormous pineappel fields here in Tanzania

12/13/2018, 4:26:39 PM


The English makes no sense. I understand they mean a juice pineapple but this seems like a simple error to fix.

12/17/2018, 6:24:11 PM
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