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  5. "jIghIQnIS."


Translation:I need a vacation.

July 1, 2018



Is there a Klingon equivalent to "Amen"?


Off the top of my head, I might say bIlughchu' "you're completely right".


You might also consider wa' DoS wIqIp. ("We hit one target."), meaning something like "We agree." I like to think of this as the Klingon equivalent of "Word!", though I suppose "We're on the same page." may be a more appropriate translation.


Why it cannot be "I will need a vacation"?


It can. We just had not added that option in. It should be accepted now.


wouldn't "I need to have a vacation" be equally acceptable?


I do not use the term "have a vacation" and I don't think I've heard it before, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were English speakers that do use it. I don't see any potential for confusion and it's clear that someone using that phrase has understood the Klingon. I'll add it to the accepted translations.

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