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"What's the weather like today?"

Translation:¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

2 months ago



the "correct" answer and the answer above are not the same. ?Teaching us variations perhaps?

2 months ago

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"¿Qué tiempo hace" is the set expression for "How is the weather?" or "What's the weather like?" The answers could vary: Hace buen tiempo (It's nice weather), Hace calor (It's hot), Hace mucho viento, (It's very windy), and the like. However, there are some exceptions like Está lluvioso (It's rainy).

4 weeks ago


That's always the case. I think the "correct answer" is taking a shot at giving the correct answer that's closest to your input, while the answer in forums is the default right answer. I think. Whether this is a good way to teach is another topic.

1 month ago


What's the weather today?

2 months ago


What's wrong with "Que have el tiempo hoy"

2 months ago


i also wonder if saying "que hace el tiempo hoy" could work.

2 months ago


That was my guess, didn't work. Don't get it (at all).

1 month ago


It couldn't work. "Qué hace el tiempo hoy" means "What is doing the weather".

2 weeks ago


The correct answer suggestion I got was "¿Qué tal es el clima hoy?" -- I'm not familiar with "que tal" except in the context of "how are you?" Is this another typical context for this phrase? (My answer was ¿Qué es el clima hoy?)

1 week ago


This is not the translation given. which is " Hay que tiempo hoy" which is nonsensical. This whole section is completely inconsistent.

3 days ago