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  5. "'Iw HIq lIng rajma'!"

"'Iw HIq lIng rajma'!"

Translation:The kidney produces bloodwine!

July 1, 2018



Now I have all sorts of questions about bloodwine. Is it a sort of urine or bile? Is there a Klingon animal whose kidney actually adds alcohol? Does yeast live in healthy Klingon kidneys?


This sentence is just a silly sentence. I don't think it's ever been claimed that bloodwine comes out of any kind of kidney.


OK, that makes sense. I am familiar with all of the films and television shows until the current CBS streaming show, but I thought this detail might have been in one of those or in a novel or something.


chaq 'Iw rurbogh neH HIq 'oH 'Iw HIq'e'.


I suppose, but that makes me even more curious.

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