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  5. "Wir sind zuständig."

"Wir sind zuständig."

Translation:We are responsible.

March 26, 2013



Could you use zuständig in a negative sense? Like, if someone broke something, could I ask "Wer ist zuständig?"


you could ask "wer ist zuständig" if you want to know who will clean up the mess. if you come to the scene and only see fragments you can ask "wer ist verantwortlich" but in order to not out yourself as a foreigner the good ol german "wer ist schuld" is the better choice, because we are obsessed with blaming someone.


I am no english native, but when i look "zuständig" up in my language (spanish), there is no reference made to responsible, it is all related to appropiate or proper. Can anyone please explain a bit more? thank you in advance


Zuständig=responsible -it has a legal/administrative connotation, whereas "Verantwortlich" has a moral connotation, both meaning "Responsible".


Not sure if this helps, but "Verantwortlich" has "antwort" (i.e. "answer") in it. So I imagine it means "answer-able." Just how I distinguish it from zuständig.


There's "to answer for" in English and that's what springs to mind when I see verantwortlich.


similarly, ständig means 'constantly', and zu means 'to' when you compound them, they form "to perpetually", which means "infinity", so think of buzz lightyear "to infinity and beyond", he was responsible because he was the hero of the movie


How would one say: "I am responsible." Meaning "I am a responsible person?"




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@wataya : This link leads to a PONS definition/explanation of "wenn". Was this intentional?


@Levi: thanks! No, that was clearly not intentional. No idea what went wrong. I have corrected the link.


What's the etymology of this word?


"Zustandig" seems to respond to the English "Upright or Upstanding" in terms of ones character. Whereas the German "Verantwortlich" seems to respond to the English "Accountable",Nicht Wahr?


"zuständig" cannot be used to describe someone's character. "Anständig" would be the word you are looking for. "zuständig" can be used in a legal/administrative way such as e.g. "the department responsible for tax refund" - "Die Abteilung zuständig für Steuerrückerstattung". As the sentence appeared out of context I would translate "Ich bin zuständig" as "I am in charge".


The way I see the difference between these two sentences is: "Wir sind verantwortlich" = "We are responsible (for doing it)" "Wir sind zustaendig" = "(You can trust us), we are responsible (people)"

Anything that you see wrong? Please note that this is as much for me as anyone else!


As far as I understand, verantwortlich has the connotation of a moral responsibility, while zustandig denotes a legal responsibility


Is "verantwortlich" and "zuständig" have the same meaning ?


What is the difference between zustaendig and verantwortlich? As I am getting mixed up.


"verantwortlich" is more individual / personal and not bureaucratic. A person can be "verantwortungsbewusst", someone who thinks before he acts, who is aware of the consequences of his actions. A person can act "verantwortungsvoll".

"zuständig" is rather an official or professional and not a personal matter. It has more the meaning as in "The offices are arguing over jurisdiction." As you may know we have a complex social system in germany and in some cases it is not quite clear who is "zuständig". So the offices argue who has the "Zuständigkeit" - who is in charge of the case.

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