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  5. "Every angel has the wish."

"Every angel has the wish."

Translation:Každý anděl má to přání.

July 2, 2018



Having THE wish doesn't make sense in English right?


No, it does not make sense in English.

Maybe "that wish." Or "a wish." But not "the wish."


This sentence seems to need a very specific context in order to make sense. What's it supposed to mean?


"To" = the? But in other lessons it is this or that. Why is it "the" here.


To means this or that in "To je X" "To nejsou Ys" and similar. When used directly with a noun "to auto", it is a demonstrative pronoun and moves with the noun as an adjective does https://mluvtecesky.net/en/grammar/pronouns https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30304525


This sentence sounds very strange to me. I don't see anything grammatically wrong with it, but it sounds wrong given that the message (whatever it is) seems very odd.

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