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"Po dvou hodinách jsem zase dostala hlad."

Translation:After two hours, I got hungry again.

July 2, 2018



Can we safely assume, since this sentence uses "dostat," rather than "být," that in Czech one "gets" hungry again, rather than "is" hungry again? I guess that would make sense, since the present tense uses "mít" rather than "být"... Just checking!


Yes, it is perfective. Literally one gets the hunger.


As VladaFu said, “hlad” is not hungry but hunger, and although there is a word for hungry (“hladový”) I think one would not say “jestem hladový” instead of “mám hlad.”

Edit: jestem → jsem (děkuji, Vlade (Vladu?)). I mixed it up with Polish again ☹.


One could say that (jsem hladový), although I would perceive it somewhat stronger or something longer-lasting. But the construction for "I got hungry" would have to be "začal jsem být hladový(m)" which is still a bit unnatural although usable in the right context. The hypothetical *"stal jsem se hladovým" (I became hungry) is completely unnatural.


Why is After two hours, I again got hungry ., marked as incorrect


It is somewhat of an uncommon word order. Usage rates do not support it, even with a different adjective that ngrams might be more likely to find.

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