"Nechodil jsi do sedmé třídy už vloni?"

Translation:Didn't you already go to seventh grade last year?

July 2, 2018

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"Didn't you go to seventh grade already last year?" was marked wrong. I would argue that the place of "already" isn't that rigidly fixed in English, but a prescriptive grammarian may know better.


I'm by no means a grammarian, but I'd say that the "already go..." version sounds more natural and is probably used more often. But I'm pretty sure your version is used, too. Unless it's clearly grammatically incorrect -- which I don't know -- it seems like a good alternative translation. You might Report it, if you already didn't do so / didn't do so already. :-)


šlo by : Weren't you in the seventh grade last year already?


No, that would be just "Nebyl jsi v...".


Didn't you go to seventh grade last year already?


Ist this supposed to say ' Weren't you in (the) seventh grade last year' for proper English or if you want to use Uz then Weren't you already in (the) seventh grade last year? Did /didn't you go to seventh grade can't be correct because you do not go to a grade , but to a school. What do the other english speakers say about my comment?


I am native AmE. While I'd likely use "weren't you in..." in preference to "didn't you go to," that's probably just a matter of habit. But I'm not troubled by the "go to " construction, either in general or in this exercise. Also, it is, to me, a less-confusing choice for translating "nechodil jsi" than just using "in" in the main translation of the Czech sentence. (JOOP, of course; it will be interesting to see what others think.)


Thanks for your take . OKaay. I'm also curious as to what others could say about that.

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