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  5. "SuD tera' na'ran wIb."

"SuD tera' na'ran wIb."

Translation:The lemon is yellow.

July 2, 2018



This seems to be an interesting case in which the Klingon language cannot indicate through color whether the lemon is ripe. Perhaps all edible Klingon fruit ripen to a Doq color? It might be a contributing factor to the range of Klingon color terms.


Color does not seem to be a good way to refer to the ripeness of citrus fruit. In English I would never talk about green lemons or yellow limes. This is made even worse by the fact that in Spanish (which I speak at times) there aren't necessarily separate words for limes and lemons, so you distinguish them by calling them yellow and green. I think you are probably better off using the words for ripe and unripe.

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