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"Vona vopravdu byla voranžová?"

Translation:Was she really orange?

July 2, 2018



Showing a dialect of Czech is nice but why is the the dialect of Prague? There are some beautiful dialects in Moravia and Silesia as well. Of course they are not as easy as just putting "v" in front of "o" but ...


It is by no means just a dialect of Prague, it is Common Czech although this particular feature is not as common as it used to be. You can read about the prosthetic V in the speech of people in and around Brno in the 1970s here.

I like many dialects of Moravia, by they are many of them and they vary a lot, they cannot be shown here in regular skills and we have no option of any bonus skills. Some are transitional forms between Czech and Slovak, some have features closer to Polish.


if you really think what you mistake for the "dialect of Prague" consists of just putting "v" in front if "o", you may want to do some reading.

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