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Hi guys, my name's Ryan. I'm an American born Japanese, and I was hoping I could contribute in some way to our Japanese course. I sent in an application last week and completed the entire Japanese course to the max level. I was wondering if anybody had any other tips to getting noticed so I could help contribute? Thanks. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

July 2, 2018


During the year immediately after the course released in beta up until Luke joined, back when there was no communication at all between the Japanese team and the users of the course, I theorised that probably the best way to get onto the contributor team would be to go to Hideki's and Hagiwara's twitter pages and try to get into a conversation in Japanese about wanting to contribute to the course.

The main reason I came to that conclusion was mostly because it seemed like none of the contributor team ever looked at the Japanese course section of the Duolingo discussion forums. And also, other seemingly well qualified people had submitted contributor application forms but never heard back.

I only had this idea because I was really concerned about how quiet the development of our course had become and the sentence reports taking many months to be processed.

My Japanese is nowhere near good enough to hold a decent conversation. I know a ridiculous amount of Japanese vocab, kanji, grammar, etc., but I'm not good at putting it all to use naturally in composing my own sentences (hence why I find Duolingo helpful). So I never tried out my theory.

You shouldn't need to go to these lengths though, since now Luke at least is communicating with us, and since, as you're already well aware, they've put out a sticky thread asking for applicants for two open positions on the contributor team.

However, if you want to show extra keenness, maybe my backdoor route idea could help you get noticed. (Or make them avoid you, but hopefully not this...) Best of luck with your application. ^^

July 5, 2018

One of the mods has put out a request. Look in the 'popular' discussions for a link. Good luck (and I look forward to seeing your contributions)

July 4, 2018
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