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Learning English, but from a language not listed.

Hi, I am working with Burmese students who want to learn English. If I choose English as the language they wish to learn, I cannot choose English as they language they learn from. However, Burmese isn't listed there as an option. I really need it to be English to English so I can at least be there to help and translate for them. What do I do?

July 3, 2018



Duolingo uses a translation model to teach languages. They do not have an "English to English" course because asking someone to translate "The dog drinks water" into English is pointless.


Which language to learn and which language to learn from aren't really separate settings.

For example, when I take Spanish for English speakers there isn't a "learning Spanish" setting and a "learning from English" setting. There's one "taking the Spanish for English speakers course" setting instead.

Duolingo needs to make this much, much clearer during the process of signing up to be a teacher on Duolingo for Schools.

[deactivated user]

    Why use Duolingo? Though it is sometimes confusing and hard, many people are taught a language the direct way, at the beginning only literally using hands and feet , but also pictures. Google 'direct teaching methods 'and try to learn in what respect Birmese language concepts differ from English; you do not need to study the language , but more things like how many tenses it has, whether it has a verb for 'to be' as some Asian languages do not have it, etc.

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