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Romanian Nursery Rhyme

Hello! In my opinion, nursery rhymes (poems for kids, rime pentru copii) are a great way into language (that's exactly why adults compose them for kids). Here is a popular Romanian nursery rhyme (with my literal translation and a native audio example below):

Cățeluș cu părul creț

Fură rața din coteț.

El se jură că nu fură

Și l-am prins cu rața-n gură

Și cu ou-n buzunar,

Hai la Sfatul Popular!

Nu mă duc c-am fost o dată

Și am căzut cu nasu-n baltă.

A curly-haired puppy / Steals the duck from the cottage. / He swears that he does not steal, / And I caught him with the duck in his mouth, / And with an egg in his pocket. / Come to the People's Council! / I'm not going, I was [there] once / And I fell nose first into the pool!

Listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcgkAd8c-_M

July 3, 2018



Had a bit of spare time, so I revisited this just for the fun of it, and noticed a couple of small issues with your translation:

coteț = chicken coop

Și cu ou-n buzunar = And with the egg in his pocket because ou-n is a contraction of oul în = the egg in

baltă can mean several things from a pool of stagnant water formed after the rain (puddle) to a large body of stagnant but shallow water such as a marsh or maybe even a delta. However, I don't believe baltă can be used to refer to a swimming pool (piscină or bazin de înot), so in this context I would translate it as puddle.


My favourite one has to be:

Rică nu știa să zică

Râu, rățușcă, rămurică

Dar de când băiatu-nvață

Poezia despre rață

Rică a-nvățat să zică

Râu, râțușcă, rămurică.

It's the cutest if you can get a kid who's a bit "rârâit" to say it. Absolutely adorable!

And here's my literal translation (Rică is the name of a boy):

Rică did not know how to say

River, ducky, twiglet

But since the boy is learning

The poem about the duck

Rică has learnt how to say

River, ducky, twiglet.

And yes, I think that children's stories and books should not be easily dismissed when learning a foreign language because they can be both fun and educational. Many moons ago my significant other picked up a bilingual children's book: Am luat luna la plimbare / I took the moon for a walk by Carolyn Curtis. The title stuck because he used it as an amusingly sweet way to refer to our walks together. We still laugh about it to this day.

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