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"Which is more important for a family?"

Translation:Co je pro rodinu důležitější?

July 3, 2018



Since this comment doesn't actually have any content, I'll ask a question. Why is "which" translated as "co"' here? With "co," I would have expected "what." Does it have to be "which" because of the comparative? Or is either one okay?


I wrote “Ktery pro rodinu je dulezitejsi”. Can you tell me why it was wrong because “je” wasn’t in the second position?


yes, second position


Yep, I guess it should be either "který je pro rodinu důležitější?" in Czech (does not make much sense) or "what is more important for a family?" in English.


I am not sure, but it could be connected to the fact that some insist on a rule that you have to use "which" when you are choosing from a finite set of choices.

See the related discussion under "What is it, a boy or a girl?" where people require "which".


Somewhat heated discussion, that one... At least in everyday AmE usage, I'd say that either "which" or "what" would work in these two sentences, and probably in most (but not necessarily all) other cases, too.

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