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"Why don't you want to play baseball?"

Translation:¿Por qué no quieres jugar al béisbol?

1 month ago


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Duo's answer suggested was '¿Por qué no quieres jugar al béisbol?' but isn't this sentence incorrect? I mean is 'al' in front of beisbol necessary? I wrote 'por que no quieres jugar el basebol' and got it wrong.

1 month ago

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jugar + a + (el/la) + [sport] is the recommended^ form, and when it is a + el, it becomes al. (^in the official dictionary). jugar + [sport] is becoming more popular, and is permitted. However, it has to be one of these two forms. If you omit the a you must omit the word for the as well.

1 month ago


I put tú before the no and was marked wrong... why?

4 weeks ago


why is the tu form and not the usted form? how can you tell from the english?

4 days ago