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"ngeDbe'qu'mo' DIvI' Hol vIpar."

Translation:Because English is not at all easy I dislike it.

July 3, 2018



To me, "isn't easy at all", is a bit more of an absolute statement. I think it's closer to "it's completely not easy" than "it's very not easy". If so, I think the suffix {chu'} would be a better fit than {qu'}.


If we were to take at all completely literally, I would agree. But in English, or at least any dialects of English I'm familiar with, at all doesn't mean absolutely or completely; it is simply an intensifier. Not easy at all means the same thing as very not easy, but you can't say very not easy, so you have the at all expression.

-qu' is completely appropriate here.


You can say, "very not easy;" we do it in Klingon all the time. So I think you're both right. That is, I can't understand why I can't say, "very not easy."


"Very not easy" sounds terrible in English and if I we're teaching English I would refuse to accept it. However, since I am teaching Klingon, that poor English translation shows a very good grasp of the Klingon, and I can mark it so it is never shown to a student unless they type it first, I've added it to the accepted translations.

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