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"The evidence in their article is not too convincing."

Translation:Důkazy v jejich článku příliš přesvědčivé nejsou.

July 3, 2018



I typed "důkazy v jejich článku nejsou příliš přesvědčivé" and it was accepted, although the last word was corrected to "přesvědčívý" and I couldn’t report my version as a correct one (I get that the form with "-ý" comes from obecná čestina but it would be good to accept the "-é" one, too if it’s also correct).

So, anyway.


Edited now. The got there from singular 'důkaz'. Thanks!


Oh. Still, what about the colloquial form, wouldn't it end with "-ý"?


Yes, in Common Czech (obecná čeština), it would end with -ý both in sg/pl. That's what we introduce in the last skill. But not in spoken Standard Czech.


Důkaz, nebo důkazy? Pokud důkazy nemělo by být evidences?

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