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Change voice of audio readings

Is there a way to change the gender of the voice that reads the words in the program? I feel I would benefit from hearing the inflections of a man's voice rather than a woman's speaking French

July 7, 2012



It wouldn't change much. It would be a robotized voice anyway. Duolingo should implement a bonus system that drives native French speaker users to record the sentences and then let us hear a natural speech - maybe giving them extra lessons in the language they're studying as a reward.


I just heard a man's voice, a real live voice, not a robotic voice, in the French sports lesson. Wow!


Also, you can try looking online for french tv and radio excerpts and stations. they won't help you much with individual lessons, but exposing yourself to the general sound of the language can help your pronunciation a lot, even if you can't understand most of what they're saying. www.rfi.fr and www.tv5.org are decent places to start.

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