New skills, set you back to 0?

I have just paid for Duolingo and I was using it to practice Spanish. I was about 5 skill away from having the whole tree at level four when new skills were added. Now I am back to 0 for half the tree and pissed.

July 3, 2018


Why would you duplicate threads (error 404 message)?

Once you do the tree, there is no testing out!

Actually, there is since June 2018:$comment_id=27798941

Even before, you could use the "lesson test-out" and bring crown level L0 skills to L1.

Now you can go further....

We know, it is kinda tough when tree updated convert skills and bring 58 skills back to level L0.

But honestly, L0 is better than L1-L5 as this brings with the new code and tree conversions just new problems...

At least you have the chance to reset your lesson variables and re-start those skills.

July 3, 2018

I only just got the testing out, with the latest update. What a relief, I was getting bored with the constant repetition of stuff I can do.

July 4, 2018

I duplicated threads because I really wanted to vent. However, thank you very much with the testing out trick. I just put two lessons from 0 to 5 in less than 10 minutes. I won't quit Duolingo. This should be easy to find or a message should be sent to all those who are affected. Muschas gracias, merci beaucoup, etc....

July 3, 2018

I'm confused by this too. All of my skills have been red for some time and I was working on advancing them to orange, restarting at the top of the tree. I completed a random lesson and when it took me back to the tree, half of the skills (all the early ones) were mostly set back to purple. A couple random ones correctly reflected my progress over the last few weeks as I work on red level, and the later ones were all still red. I deleted the app, I tried to login from the computer, and every time, it still has the first half of the tree all purple like I had to start from scratch. This is not how the crowns are supposed to function. I was never even ON purple levels because I had all gold skills before the program switched over to crowns anyway. Super confused and super bummed that it seems half my progress has been completely lost.

July 4, 2018

I have been completely ignoring the crown system because it took me back to such a basic stage and lost my position of all gold. So I just continue to use the general timed practice each day which does nothing to alter the tree. Today however I noticed the test-out function and thought “at last I can jump to a serious level” so I did it, again easily but VERY ANNOYINGLY the level 3 that I had obtained automatically after crowns was introduced are now back to 1. This is incredibly frustrating. I wasn’t high enough before. Surely there must be a way for advanced learners to get somewhere useful??? I cannot use the tree at all while it is repeating such basic stuff! Please help!

July 4, 2018

I just opened my duolingo Spanish account and was put back to level 0 on tons of things. I quickly got up to Level 5 in travel by testing out. However the tests were just the same words over and over. Nothing new was added that wasn't in all the previous levels. What gives?

July 4, 2018
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