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  5. "Elle doute de son mari."

"Elle doute de son mari."

Translation:She has doubts about her husband.

March 27, 2013



is it the 'de' here that makes it that she 'has doubts'? I wrote she doubts her husband but suspected something was off. But shouldn't there be a form of avoir here, and if not why?


French and English do not translate directly in this case.

"douter de" = "have doubts about" or "doubt about"

However, you can say "elle a des doutes sur son mari"


So why can't I say She doubts on this sentence? Why it is incorrect?


Hope he was faithful.


That's not necessarily the issue. Maybe she suspects he's a criminal, or even a serial killer!


could this also be, his husband?


Yes, "she doubts his husband" would also be "elle doute de son mari", since in French, the possessive adjectives agree with the thing owned.


No, in English, possessive adjectives agree with the owner. Since the owner is "she", you have to use "her".


have you guys just written opposites? how is it then with she and "his husband"?


It depends how the exercise was presented:

Dictation in French: "son" is most probably "her" husband

Marginally, it could also be "his husband" (Isabelle doute du mari de Pierre). But in France, please wait a bit since mariage between people of the same sex has been legal only for a couple of months ago!

  • extra meaning: even with "her husband", it could be another woman's husband (Isabelle doute du mari de Jeanne). Context would tell.

Written French for translation into English: see above

English text for translation into French: only "her" (+ extra meaning)

[deactivated user]

    Hi. Why not "She doubts about her husband" ?


    "Doubt" can be either a verb or a noun.

    If used as a noun, you would say "She has doubts about her husband" or perhaps "She has a doubt about her husband"

    If used as a verb, you would say "She doubts her husband".

    The verb is conjugated so it's like this:

    I doubt my husband.

    You doubt your husband.

    She doubts her husband.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks a lot.


      De rien, c'est mon plaisir.

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