"My parents like the beer."

Terjemahan:Orang tua saya suka birnya.

April 29, 2014

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I used "menyukai" instead of "suka" -- is "menyukai" wrong in this instance?

April 29, 2014


"menyukai" is right if you use it when speaking. it's just wrong in this test.


Oh, it's more of an oral vs. written thing?


Both are right. For me the translator/contributor of this test didn't allow (or provide) various answers.


If the answer is ok, you have to report the possible answers, so they could add it to the test. There's a report button. Please report if it's a possible answer.


Not really, "menyukai" and infinitive "like" have slightly different meaning. "menyukai" is a progressive tense which means verb-ing. In Indonesia we don't really have progressive tense and both "menyukai" or "suka" should be considered right even in this test. I like her and I'm liking her have slightly different internal meaning.


So, menyukai means you are liking right now? And suka is either to like in general, and right now?

If it's a possible answer, please, report it, with the report button.


Menyukai juga bisa like likes seperti My brother like coffee/ My brother likes coffee


No. My brother likes coffee is right, because you HAVE TO use verb+s with singular subject. Parents are not singular, so don't add s with the verb.


Kagak dia bohong orang tua ku gak suka beer kayaknya



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