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Multiple sections, multiple teachers

Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone has had success in adopting and adapting duolingo across different sections taught by different instructors. I lead French and Spanish language sections (8 in total each semester) at my institution and this summer I would like to figure out how to adopt duolingo across the board and train other instructors in implementing it. Any help would be most appreciated since I feel a bit overwhelmed--I tried it out in two of my classes last semester and it worked well enough, but I think the true test will be teaching others to do the same, keeping with the curriculum.

July 4, 2018



Since it's been 4 hours and no one has answered you I guess I will give my opinion as a student.

At my school the spanish teachers have incorporated Duolingo into the program. They do this by telling their students where they need to be on the Duolingo Tree by a certain point. This I have found is unmotivating for students as many student didn't do actually even try to do the Duolingo and the ones who did had nothing from it since they simply just did the lessons once and never again. I've also heard of other teachers setting an XP goal, which does work better, but with the new Crown Update this isn't as solid of a base.

My recommendation with your class to get the best results is to assign them weekly lessons you want them to do and I would recommend having them get to the gold level/ level 5/ crown 5. I would also grant them the ability to use the test out feature, since they will probably use it even if you don't want them to. Having the expectation of them reaching level 5 will make them do the course at least 5 times and they will remember it better. I also think it would be wise to maybe make them do two-three courses a week but that is for you to decide.

Thank you


Thanks so much for your reply! It's super helpful to get a student's take on this, I really appreciate it :)

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