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"Weiteres ist nicht mehr vorhanden."

Translation:There is no more.

March 27, 2013



Another is no longer available – "Further" makes no sense


It's true that “Further is no longer available” is not English, but the reason is that in English, a noun phrase needs a formal noun, not just an adjective; whereas in German, any adjective can be nominalized without changing its form (except capitalizing it when written). For count nouns, one can always add the dummy pronoun “one” in English, as in “The pretty one isn't available anymore”, meaning ‘Das Hübsche ist nicht mehr vorhanden.’

The unquantified ‘Weiteres’ is a mass noun, though, and English doesn't offer a dummy pronoun for mass nouns, so sentences like ‘Weiteres ist nicht mehr vorhanden’ can be difficult to translate accurately in English. Often, one can use a highly content-free generic noun such as “stuff”, and in some contexts this sentence could be translated as “Additional stuff is no longer available.”

However, it just so happens that ‘Weiteres’ is an idiomatic expression in announcements, meaning something like “further information|details”.

“Another is no longer available” is correct English, because “another” can be a noun, not just an adjective (although in American, one would more commonly say “Another one is no longer availabe”). However, it has a different meaning: ‘{Ein weiteres|Eine weitere|Ein weiterer} ist nicht mehr vorhanden’, because “another” is a quantified count noun, whereas the unquantified ‘Weiteres’ is a mass noun.


Thanks for that explanation.

Maybe: "There won't be/are not going to be any more available" might convey the meaning better? (But I agree, it seems to be an awkward sentence to translate directly.)


More is no longer available


Further information|details are no longer available.


I understand. So, you would say the DL version "there is no more" is inaccurate? They are probably trying to say "There is no more (news, information, ..) available.


It's a tough call. “There is no more.” is too broad a translation for ‘Weiteres ist nicht mehr vorhanden.’, but any specific choice among “There {is|are} no more {information|news|guidance|details|instructions…} available.” would be too narrow a translation.


Is "Another is no longer available" definitely incorrect?

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