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"Uwiano wake"

Translation:Its ratio

July 4, 2018



The audio for "Uwaino" is kinda muffled and so it's difficult to hear the "w".


Swahili doesn't distinguish /w/ between a /u/ and a following vowel. Uwiano is pronounced [u(w)iˈano] or and uigaji is pronounced [u(w)iˈɡaɟi]. In both cases, the [w] is only a glide that automatically occurs on the way from /u/ to /i/. Although people who are thinking about the spelling may tend to pronounce a stronger [w] in uwiano than uigaji, the phoneme /w/ essentially cannot be detected here. That is why verbs that end in /ua/ [u(w)a] never form the passive by simply inserting a /w/ before the final /a/; it would be undetectable in normal speech.


I though the -ake possessives could only be used for animate things. Is that not the case?


Nope. '-ake' is used for the third person singular, including 'it'


It's also used for the plural of ananimate things.

nyumba yake = his/her house
nyumba yao = their house

paa lake = its roof / their roof

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