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  5. Hindi is 9 days away! Yay!


Hindi is 9 days away! Yay!


July 4, 2018



I will believe it when I see it ... I've been waiting for this course for years. The new team appears to be doing much better than the old one, but even they have had to postpone their release once, so an update from them this close to release would be very welcome.


Excited, but don't want to get my hopes up too much. I've waited so long, with so many postponements. In the meantime, Memrise is good.

For those concerned about the devanagari script, you shouldn't be. It is very easy to learn. Unlike English and other languages, each letter has 1 sound. It's not difficult at all. Although, to pronounce certain letters can be a bit challenging for English speakers, such as भ and घ, but all good things come with regular and consistent practice.


Im gonna try it out even though I speak it.


I'll be amazed if it is released tomorrow. The lack of an update so close to release is extremely worrying.


Nah, they wouldn't do it for the hundredth time in a row


For real though, I think the hard part's done. It's already been released in beta so I bet it's really here tomorrow... I don't know how I'm gonna get anything done in real life


Agreed! I certainly won't hold my breath, but if it is released, I can't say I won't do a happy dance. LOL


I am soooooooo excited!!!!!


I totally hope it is true this time. I've also been waiting for it for awhile.


एक हफ्ता! ;)


I hope so. I am counting the days.

Although Italian will continue be my main focus until that tree is completed, Hindi will be getting attention from me every day.

I'm a little bit nervous about learning the new script at the same time, but I have been wanting to learn some Hindi for a long time and duolingo works for me


You don't have to be nervous! A person can possibly learn the whole script in 2 days. With no language experience whatsoever I did it in about that time.

Just remember. ALL scripts, whether the one you're reading right now, or any other, every letter in these scripts is just pictures with sounds associated. Like if I said every time you see " / " say " Na " in your head....

/ / / / / / / / ..... / / / / / / / / ..... BATMAN!

No need ta be nervous, you got this.


YAY!!! I am definitely very very excited!


It comes, when it comes, and then I be happy:)!


Thanks for the reassurances on the script. Agree that it would be nice to see a post from one of the development team to confirm it will (or won't) get released on time.


Same, I mean it's been put off over and over again, if it come out that would be great but some reassurance would be nice.


Both Hindi teams have been unspeakably ❤❤❤❤ at communication and managing expectations. I'm 90% sure it won't be released tomorrow.


I really hope so!

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