"Conocemos a muchas personas diferentes."

Translation:We know a lot of different people.

4 months ago



Maybe this is too advanced for a simple Duolingo translation, but "We know many different persons" should be accepted. Just Google "people versus persons in English grammar". Also, "gente" seems to be the preferred Duolingo translation for "people", so not sure why the exercise uses personas this time.

2 months ago


"We meet many different people" - accepted translation.

3 months ago


We know many different persons - should be accepted. Reported Sept. 18, 2018

1 month ago


I agree

3 weeks ago


I put "we know many different persons" and it was marked wrong. SpanDict tells me that personas = persons and gente = people. Maybe that is why DL rejected it. I don't see much difference between persons and people. People are persons, right?

2 months ago


I gave "we know many different persons" as my answer. It seems to be a literal translation. But DL said it was wrong, that I should have used people rather than persons. I want to ask DL what the difference is between persons and people. There isn't any, really. Only the most didactic of nit-pickers would be able to find a difference, and then only with a magnifying glass.

2 months ago

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What is wrong with "We are acquainted with many different people."?

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Persons is used almost exclusively in a couple of phrases in British (and, I think, American) English.

One would be used by organisations like police and intelligence services referring to 'persons of interest', when discussing people they might be investigating or want to interview or in general speech, 'person or persons unknown'. It is rarely used outside of these idiomatic phrases and might be considered archaic so really doesn't work as a natural English translation. In the above examples, certainly the listener would infer that the speaker or writer would most likely be referring to small groups of people, the precise number of which might at that time be unknown.

In the DL example above, however, I answered 'persons' only because, as for some fellow learners, I had had no guidance from DL as to why 'personas' and 'gente' might have subtle or not-so-subtly different meanings. Not very helpful.

1 month ago


I said a lot of person, marked wrong. people, person, people, person, are there big differences_

4 months ago

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Person = one individual. My brother is my favorite person.
People = more than one individual. The students in my class are friendly people.
A lot of = more than one. A lot of people is correct. [A lot of person] is never correct.

4 months ago
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